An extraordinary musical experience during a “voyage of inspiration” to Bulgaria some ten years ago sowed the seeds of what has come to be the essential focal point of saxophone player Michael Blicher’s musical pursuits: universal folkloric blues music.

A chance meeting with four women singing traditional Bulgarian folksongs accompanied by an elderly gentleman playing goatskin-bagpipe touched Michael Blicher in his inmost heart and suddenly made him feel a universal relationship between this Bulgarian folkmusic and folkloric music from Mississippi, Mali, New Orleans and Korea which had made a similar impression on him on previous travels and musical experiences.

Since then, Michael Blicher has explored and refined his version of this “musical feeling” which to him appears universal, cutting across frontiers and cultures. The result of this search for “the inner core” can be heard on albums released by his bands Astro Buddha Agogo, Radiostar and The KutiMangoes

Among the musicians with whom Michael Blicher has played most frequently during the last ten years is Hammond organ player Dan Hemmer, renowned for his remarkable talent for making both the music and the other band members, whatever the context, come tog¬ether in the best possible way.

Through an event organized by the JazzDanmark society, Michael Blicher was offered the opportunity to play with – and present his music to – drummer Steve Gadd. Right away it was clear that Gadd shared Blicher’s passion for soulfull music.

Shortly thereafter Gadd agreed to go on tour with Blicher and Hemmer – clearly a con-amore-project for this legend, who´s  schedule mainly includes shows with James Taylor, Paul Simon and Eric Clapton, Chick Corea etc.









Michael Blicher loves composing for film. Over the past 20 years Michael has composed music for many Danish films and has worked with directors like: Michael Noer, Christoffer Boe, Ole Juncker, Thomas Heurlin, Nagieb Khaja, Tone Tarding, Eva Mulvad, Christian Bonke, Julie Bille etc


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